MERU Holding GmbH is a privately held group of companies with a focus on Real Estate, Finance and Consulting. The strategic cooperation with the Austrian-based producer of Heat4All infrared heating systems, which was signed in autumn 2018, was MERU's entry into the energy and retail segment.

Founded in 2017 by bank managers with decades of experience in the finance and real estate industries, the company relies on a broad network of experts and Austrian and international business partners to build and manage investments in each business segment.


MERU Real Estate invests in development projects in segment-specific, good locations in German-speaking countries. These include residential complexes, office buildings, shopping and business centers and hotels. Basically, the company pursues the strategy of "buy - develop - sell", while real estate in prime locations with high potential for value appreciation can remain in MERU‘s portfolio over the long term.


MERU Finance sees itself as an innovative and fast service provider for all national and international financing issues, based on the broad international experience of its management in the financing of large volume transactions of all kinds (real estate and project finance, corporate finance, restructuring). Since the founding of the company, MERU Finance has been able to obtain and successfully implement mandates from real estate developers, hotel companies, motorway service stations, etc.


MERU Consulting offers all the services of general management consultancy and corporate restructuring with a focus on real estate and tourism and has already successfully implemented several mandates in the relatively short history of the company.


MERU Energy in several countries (eg Sweden, Israel, Spain) acts as general importer and online provider of infrared heating systems produced in Austria according to the highest quality criteria. With the help of its know-how and numerous cooperation partners, this segment will grow strongly through sales and franchise agreements.

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